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At Component Web Services, every client depends on us for support; many look to us for hosting and training as well. Typically, the amount of support, hosting and training depends on the organization’s size and the frequency of changes to its applications. It can also be affected by the level of functionality and complexity of the software, including any requirements for third-party software integration.

Our philosophy is simple — if you can’t quickly log in and complete the task at hand, call us. Either we’ll implement the change for you or we’ll retrain you on the software. We understand that technology is not your career path, it’s just an extension of your job. That's why we offer a variety of support levels to meet your organization’s situation.

  • Platinum support gives you our highest level of support, hosting and training. This level can provide the greatest return on investment for clients who want a fixed annual budget for support services.
  • Gold support is our mid-range support program for organizations that do not require immediate support resolution and need less ongoing training.
  • Silver support fits many organizations that need a basic level of support and hosting and do not have any current training needs.

Please consult with your project manager to make sure you select the option that provides the best solution for your organization.

Component Web Services gives you the powerful online presence you deserve.

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Component Web Services gives you the powerful online presence you deserve.

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