Application Development

The art of software development

Designing software applications is more of an art than a science. That’s why choosing the right artist can make all the difference.

At Component Web Services we apply our artistry to the design and development of custom software applications and databases. We are fluent in key programming languages including C#.NET / VB.NET / .NET Framework (Windows), and ASP.NET & ASPX.NET (web-based). We have years of experience working with a variety of database systems, including MySQL, Access and SQL Server.

We use our creativity, experience and knowledge to build web applications that work for your organization — not against it. You get the web capability you’re seeking and the timely data you need. And we’re also experts in systems integration, so you can be sure that your website and your back office will merge into one seamless, smoothly-functioning whole.

  • A robust return on investment — our applications provide a proven increase in productivity as users perform tasks faster and more accurately.
  • Fully centralized data — all of your business data will be stored and backed-up on our dedicated servers. You can rest assured that your data won’t be lost, accidentally deleted or unnecessarily duplicated.
  • Impeccable data security — our applications make use of sophisticated encryption, SSL and the inherent .NET security features so your business data is secure at all times.

We are proud of our reputation as software application artists. Our case studies will show you how we create effective solutions to a variety of software challenges.

Component Web Services gives you the powerful online presence you deserve.

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Component Web Services gives you the powerful online presence you deserve.

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