Summit Area YMCA

This month’s featured client, the Summit Area YMCA, was chosen for their forward thinking and commitment to providing their members with the best possible web experience.

During the relatively short time we’ve been working together, we’ve been impressed by their growth, and how they’ve embraced technology to improve their member services. We’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship and support the organization both professionally and financially.

Working closely with Director of Marketing Anjali McCormick and the executive team, we identified a need for members to be able to easily search the extensive YMCA course catalog. CWS developed a new module for managing non-registration programs within Summit’s existing Content Management System (CMS).

Our “Group Ex Class Search” module allows Summit to update its vast catalog in real time. Program directors now manage their respective course offerings to keep information current, making it easy for members to quickly search and identify courses that they’re interested in. Once they’ve selected all their courses, new functionality lets members print their schedules or update their electronic calendars (i.e. Outlook or Google) to keep track of busy schedules.

Summit and CWS plan to extend this functionality with a mobile application for iPhone and Android users. Making use of the mobile technology platform, we envision adding additional functionality to notify members of holiday and course changes in real time through text notifications.

Not hard to see why we’ve chosen the Summit Area YMCA as our “featured client!”

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