Component Web Services CEO Unveils New Video Informed Consent Form Web Technology in Barcelona

Online solutions provider Component Web Services is working with one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies to streamline the delivery of an informed consent form for clinical trial participants worldwide.

Fairfield, NJ, June 14, 2013 — Component Web Services (CWS) was selected by one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers to design and develop the delivery of an innovative new video-based Informed Consent Form (v-ICF) via an online patient portal.

The company’s internal study team worked with CWS to develop the overall flow and process that takes a potential clinical trial participant through a series of informative videos before providing the patient with the Informed Consent Form. A series of multiple-choice questions is presented to gauge the patient’s understanding of the video content. Responses are captured by CWS for reporting and analysis.

CWS President & CEO Kevin B. Kimmel unveiled the new patient portal and v-ICF during a meeting in Barcelona last week. The v-ICF will be first used in an upcoming oncology clinical trial for an experimental breast cancer drug.

According to Kimmel, his team built multiple workflow scenarios for the project. Though CWS has always focused on creating a “user-centric” experience, they were especially sensitive to the fact that users in this case would be fighting a serious illness. Says Kimmel, ”The delivery of the v-ICF to the patient was first and foremost on our minds, as we needed to know that our solution would be extremely easy and intuitive to use.”

CWS expanded the scope of the original assignment, developing a workflow within the patient portal to allow the client’s global study teams to track participants from the first login to the delivery of the v-ICF.  He explains, “Our goal was to create and deliver a new concept — one that provided the best possible user experience by simplifying the process for patients, the study teams and our client.”

The v-ICF portal content will be available in German, Spanish, French and Danish versions for the upcoming oncology study. For compliance purposes, CWS is blinding the identities of all participants and will manage all the technologies from one of their two data centers. The client will have full access to reports built into an at-a-glance project dashboard.

CWS was excited to present its work to the study team in Barcelona, according to Kimmel. “It’s not often that you get the chance to be part of something as innovative as the new v-ICF. But the driving force that inspired the CWS team to give 110% on this project is the potential to have a positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Based in Fairfield, NJ, Component Web Services, LLC is a provider of hosted and non-hosted software and technology services to nonprofit organizations, advertising, financial services, legal services, manufacturing, marketing, pharmaceutical, public relations, and publishing verticals. CWS solutions enable non-technical users to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage web sites, intranets, and extranets with just an Internet connection and a browser. As your technology partner, CWS manages the technical aspects of product development, execution and maintenance, delivering uniquely flexible solutions for creating and managing branded web-based initiatives.

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