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Kevin B. Kimmel
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Kimmel brings an effective mix of marketing, programming and management to Component Web Services. He’s spent the last 25 years working with clients in the pharmaceutical, financial, biotech, legal and non-profit markets, helping them to develop their visions, create effective marketing tools, and integrate state-of-the-art technology into their businesses.

Involved in the creation of internet, intranet and extranet web applications since 1999, Kevin has watched site functionality evolve significantly evolve over time. However, content management tools didn’t keep pace, meaning business people needed a fair amount of technical knowledge. Frustrated that content management lacked the approachability of applications like Microsoft® Word, he decided to create his own.

Kevin’s vision of easy-to-learn applications that seamlessly integrate with a company’s existing workflow became the genesis of Component Web Services. Today, the company’s browser-based solutions address the common needs of most businesses, regardless of industry. They improve clients’ e-marketing by keeping site content fresh, without the involvement of an IT department.

Victor J. Gorri
Senior Vice President of Software Development

An experienced Microsoft .Net database and application developer, Victor serves as lead programmer and server administrator for Component Web Services. His background includes extensive e-commerce experience, ranging from shopping cart-enabled sites to back-end product management, accounting, order fulfillment and customer service applications. 

For the past several years, Victor has helped clients use data mining to assist in product pricing and the development of competitive strategies. He is also an expert at database modeling, turning real-world problems into cutting-edge solutions.

Laura A. Larson
Vice President of Client Services

Laura, a 15-year Component Web Services veteran, brings a unique blend of development knowledge and customer/project management to her role at CWS. Her background includes over 25 years of programming, business analysis, and project management experience across a multitude of industries, including medical, utilities, manufacturing, technology and non-profit. 

Leveraging her experience in Microsoft technologies, Laura oversees and implements the software deployment lifecycle while working with CWS clients to translate their needs into effective technology solutions. She also manages client training on the use of Component Web Services’ web-based software.

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